John Steel wrote:
> RH Fed 3/Resin 3.0.23 Pro
> There are about 30 webapps, spread across several virtual hosts on one 
> of our servers using resin/Apache (mod_caucho).
> After about a days uptime, all Linux Swap is used and the server grids 
> to a halt. A reboot is needed.
> If one of the webapps is playing naughty with memory, are there any 
> tools/tricks available to see which one please?
Its this - reported Jan 2005!
As it was dying, I managed to issue service httpd restart (i.e. restart 
apache, I left resin alone) and it recovered fine, where "top" 
previously showed all swap used it then showed most free.

I turn on logging to "finer" as suggested but don't really know what to 
look for in all that verbosity.


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