Not sure if that would help, but what we do is to have various resin
instances with the applications distributed among them, and then use
mod_proxy instead of mod_caucho to forward requests. It's easier then to
pinpoint the applications having problems, as you can see the process
eating all the memory and move web applications between hosts until you
find the "bad boy".

On the other hand, if you are having problems with mod_caucho, that would
simply side step the issue, so it won't help diagnosing it.


> John Steel wrote:
> > RH Fed 3/Resin 3.0.23 Pro
> > There are about 30 webapps, spread across several virtual hosts on one 
> > of our servers using resin/Apache (mod_caucho).
> > After about a days uptime, all Linux Swap is used and the server grids 
> > to a halt. A reboot is needed.
> > If one of the webapps is playing naughty with memory, are there any 
> > tools/tricks available to see which one please?
> >
> >   
> Its this - reported Jan 2005!
> http://caucho.rz.klopotek.de/support/resin-interest/0501/0000.html
> As it was dying, I managed to issue service httpd restart (i.e. restart 
> apache, I left resin alone) and it recovered fine, where "top" 
> previously showed all swap used it then showed most free.
> I turn on logging to "finer" as suggested but don't really know what to 
> look for in all that verbosity.

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