In my case I believe it was indeed the scripting engine, as before I
discovered the bug (Google did not find it by description) I downloaded the
source of 3.0.21 and 3.0.23 and "fixed" it myself :).

The problem was that the signature of some methods in the 3.0.2X engine
implementation are based on a draft of the javax.script classes, so when
you call them you get an Abstract method error. And the scripting engine
queries all engines in the classpath using those methods, so when Quercus
implementation barfs, it breaks the "chain" and even though it would not be
used, the Exception launched prevents other engines from being used.

I told just the short story, but in fact it was a long afternoon chasing
the bug through the source... that will teach me to trust Google :). Oh
well, at least I can say I compiled Resin from scratch (just a small change
to the build.xml file needed :) ).


> I had the same problem with scripts only executing once.
> I hit it when I upgraded from 3.0.18 to 3.0.19 - 3.0.22
> but it wasn't the Quercus/Scripting engine.
> get 3.0.23, it was the chunk encoding.
> -Rob
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> > Hi there,
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> > I'm extending our home-made framework to be able to take 
> > advantage of Java
> > 6 scripting capabilities, and I have found some "issues" with 
> > Quercus/Scripting Engine due to the way the scripting works in Java 6.

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