I am setting up a new resin installation and ran into a fork in the config.

We would like to have http://foo.bar.com and https://foo.bar.com to be
answered by the same resin, but with different webapps defined for

http://foo.bar.com would answer with a welcome page while ...
https://foo.bar.com would have all the functional pages.

Looking at the resin.conf file, I find the following options...

1 - configure a different host which would require foo.bar.com:80 and
baz.bar.com:443 to be defined if I want to run with one resin

2 - run separate resin instances - one for port 80 and the other for port 443

3 - run one resin instance and allow both ports to serve all content
(and do some fancy url checking in the application to keep them parked
on 443)

Is there any possible way to have one resin instance with port 80
defined with a webapp and port 443 defined with different webapps?

Thanks for the help.

+ jay

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