I am running resin with multiple host names and I have a war that I want to
show up as the default app only on one specific host, I also don't want any
other wars or web apps showing up for this host.  I need the war to show up
as http://www.hostname.com/  not http://www.hostname.com/web-app-name/

I tried following the docs, but nothing fit my situation and all I managed
to do was make my host stop working.  Can anyone help me sort out the xml?

Here was my last attempt with the old, unzipped version commented out.  The
old version, which I reverted to, works fine.  I couldn't figure out where
to put the war or how to tell resin where the war was.  I assume there is a
simple way to tell resin that this host should just deploy a specific war
and that's it.

<host host-name="www2.test.com" root-directory=".">

<!--    <web-app id="/"

       <web-app id="/"
context-path="/" >
       <web-app-deploy path="C:/java/KolinkaSearch/war/" />
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