One of our UI coders have asked me if we could do this and I didn't  
have an answer.

We use many little jsp files with small chunks of our pages that we  
piece together with <[EMAIL PROTECTED] ...%> directives. There are times when  
a designer would like to see exactly which files were used to  
generate a page from the browser as an xml comment.

So, if I have some files included in one top-level file like this:

<%@ include file="/client1/page-top.jsp" %>
<%@ include file="/standard/page-body.jsp" %>
<%@ include file="/client1/page-bottom.jsp" %>

We'd like to have something like this show up in the page source:

<!-- /client1/page-top.jsp -->
This is the stuff at the top of the page

<!-- /standard/page-body.jsp -->
This is the body of the page

<!-- /client1/page-bottom.jsp -->
This is the bottom

I know the simplest way to do this would be to insert the current  
file name as a comment at the top of every .jsp file, but we'd also  
like to be able to change a property somewhere and have those  
comments disappear when we run this on a production server. Also, we  
have hundreds of these snippet files and nobody wants to touch them  
all nor have each one do something at runtime to figure out whether  
or not to output something.

Any suggestions?


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