Hello again,
Anyone can help us?
Do someone knows if there are some bug in resin 3.1 with directory
If I use following mapping:
<document-directory>G:\mangoshopnew</document-directory> where G: is
linked to //lhsmb/inetpub
instead of:
It works fine.

Enviado el: martes, 03 de abril de 2007 15:03
Para: 'resin-interest@caucho.com'
Asunto: Problem reading MyFaces jar
I'm working with MyFaces, and I got a trouble with my resin
configuration. I have a web-app like this:
<web-app id="/" temp-dir="d:\resin3\tmp" work-dir="d:\resin3\work">
<simple-loader path="="//lhsmb/inetpub/mangoshopnew/WEB-INF/classes" />
<library-loader path="//lhsmb/inetpub/mangoshopnew/WEB-INF/lib" />
But I always get and exception while JSF framework is starting; I think
while reading some JSF cofig file inside some .jar:
[2007/04/03 14:57:54.564] Loading .tld files from global classpath
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346] java.lang.IllegalStateException: No Factories
configured for this Application. This happens if the
faces-initialization does not work at all - make sure that you properly
include all configuration settings necessary for a basic faces
application and that all the necessary libs are included. Also check the
logging output of your web application and your container for any
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346] If you did that and find nothing, the mistake
might be due to the fact that you use some special web-containers which
do not support registering context-listeners via TLD files and a context
listener is not setup in your web.xml.
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346] A typical config looks like this;
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346] <listener>
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346]
[2007/04/03 14:58:00.346] </listener>
Im working with Resin 3.1 and JDK 1.5.0_06. Any idea what's the problem?
Thanks in advance,

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