I wrote a small library that implements (some) of PHP 5's LDAP  
functions for Quercus, since I didn't see any of these functions in  
Quercus 3.1. I have not implemented all of the functions listed at  
http://www.php.net/ldap, just a few I needed for doing  
authentication. The functions I have are ldap_bind(), ldap_connect(),  
ldap_get_entries(), ldap_read(), ldap_search(), ldap_set_option(),  
and ldap_unbind(). The library and its source can be downloaded here:  
http://dpw.threerings.net/projects/quercus-ldap/. If you want to use  
these functions you can just put the jar file in your web app's WEB- 
INF/lib directory or your application server's shared lib directory.

I probably won't implement more of the LDAP functions any time soon  
as I don't need them, but if anyone else is interested please feel  
free to use this code!


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