Ding Deng,

I am trying a combo of Apache 2.2.4 and Resin 2.1.17 with mod_cauch.dll of
7/11/2006. Apache will not start. Do you have any rcommendations? You said
you got it to work for 2.2.3. Does anyone have it running with 2.2.4?


by Ding Deng Apr 08, 2007; 03:12am

> Hello,
> i just wonder, if there is any plan to fix mod_caucho for Apache 2.2.x? I
> guess not, there is no snapshot of Resin 2.x on caucho.com anymore. Mh.
> Or is anyone owner of a patch which helps me compiling mod_caucho for
> 2.2.x?

More details? It works here (Apache 2.2.3 + Resin 2.1.17) without any
3rd party patches anyway.

> Am i hearing the bells to upgrade to Resin 3 ? :)
> Olaf Krische

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