I also did a fresh install of the latest Apache and was unable to get the
proxy to work. I posted here to the list but no one responded. This was last
Thursday with 2.2.4 and Windows.

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  I just upgraded from apache 2.2.0 to 2.2.4 and mod_caucho no longer
connects to resin.  Is this a known issue?

  I have both resin 3.0.19 and 3.0.23 installed.
  The mod_caucho is compiled with gcc4 (I don't have a copy of the sun
  Both versions of resin/mod_caucho work with apache 2.2.0, and neither work
with apache 2.2.4.  I don't see any error messages, apache just happily
serves up the .jsp files unmodified.
  Apache was installed from the blastwave stable repository.



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