> Can I configure Resin to send JVM outputs to another filename then
> The reason is that I would like to run several Resin servers on the
same machine and therefore I want to configure each resin to do a
garbage collection verbose to different "jvm.log" files.
> We are running Resin 3.0.22 on a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 with
Java 1.4.2_12.

Yes. This is not difficult to do. I have a similar setup, although I'm
running on Solaris, so the syntax may be a little bit different. I wrote
a wrapper script which takes a sitecode as an argument, and then runs
httpd.sh like this:

echo "START resin [$site]"
./httpd.sh -server a \
           -conf ../conf/$site.conf \
           -pid ../$site.pid \
           -jvm-log ../log/jvm-$site.log \

each site uses it's own conf file, it's own pid file, and writes it's
own jvm-log. You will obviously have to modify this so that it works
properly on Windows, but the basic idea is that the startup script can
take an argument which specifies the name of the jvm.log. This has been
great for troubleshooting, especially in combination with the
"-verbosegc" flag to the JVM.

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