Hello Scott,

* Scott Ferguson wrote on 2007-04-27:

> > due to incompatibilities with 3rd party products (in this case:
> > Stripes) I'd like to force Resin 3.1 Pro to use JSP 2.0 instead of
> > 2.1...is this possible somehow?
> What specifically do you want Resin to do?

The Stripes presensation framework (http://stripes.mc4j.org/)
apparently doesn't work with JSP 2.1

Sure, it has to be fixed inside of Stripes. However for now, forcing
Jetty to use JSP 2.0 helps, so I'd hope that there's also a way inside
of Resin. I haven't much hope though, as in Jetty it works by hiding
3rd party libraries which are responsible for the JSP 2.1 support.

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