> I'm also interested in LDAP authentification, our new customer is a big 
> organization, and they want our application to use LDAP services for 
> authentification. I must say that I know very few about this.
> I could not find any class in resin's doc about LDAP

Resin includes a class com.caucho.server.security.LdapAuthenticator
An example usage is below:

          <jndi-env java.naming.provider.url="ldap://localhost:389"/>

          <user-attribute>uid</user-attribute> <!-- default is "uid" -->
          <password-attribute>userPassword</password-attribute> <!-- default is 
"userPassword" -->


The current (3.1.0) implementation does not obtain roles, it returns true for
any isUserInRole request if the user has successfully been authenticated.

Logging at the "fine" level is useful while setting it up, and the source code
is fairly simple and worth taking a look at.

-- Sam

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