We've released Resin 3.1.1

The release notes are at http://caucho.com/resin-3.1/changes/ 

    JPA is ready to use and is nearly complete.  The main missing  
functionality is extended transactions.   But unless you're actually  
using those, the other functionality is complete.

Web Services:
   The most commonly-used features of JAXB, JAX-WS and SAAJ are now  
available, except for Java code generation from XSchema or WSDL.

   Improved Java integration and continued bug fixes and  
compatibility testing.  Quercus now supports "import com.foo.*;" as a  
way to instantiate java objects.

   The rewriting rules can now look at HTTP header values to dispatch  

   New capabilities and displays of thread dumps, profiling, memory  
dumps, and caching.

   The profiling has low overhead, so it would be possible to enable  
profiling on some production servers to get real performance data.

   We strongly recommend looking at the new profiling and caching  
displays to help improve your application's cachability and performance.

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