Hey Pat,

I'd stick with Tomcat. Resin has some excellent features that can't be
found anywhere else (full EJB 2.0 and PHP support for one, and
remarkably easy to use configuration files), but Tomcat is now a de
facto standard and extremely well supported by an enormous community.
I would wager you'd get more help with your question on
tomcat-users(http://tomcat.apache.org/lists.html :)

But really Tomcat's much larger user base is it's biggest selling
point. Tomcat is extremely well tested, and my own travails with
Resin's JSTL support show how important community testing is. I really
wanted my company to move to Resin 3.0 but it just couldn't cut the
mustard, so we stayed with Tomcat. I'm still hopeful, though, that
Resin will emerge as the fastest bestest most featureful Java app
server out there. It's classloaders, built-in XSLT engine, and easy
configuration are not to be found elsewhere, and it's too bad I have
to sacrifice these remarkable features just to get *reliable*
compatibility with the full range of JavaEE specifications.


On 5/8/07, Pat Farrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I had a set of pages working perfectly with Tomcat, and am trying to
> move them to Resin. My /j_security_check servlet seems to be blowing up
> with the following response
> javax.servlet.ServletException: No forwarding URI for form authentication.
> Either the login form must specify j_uri or the session must have a
> saved URI.
> I'll do either, but don't see how I am supposed to specify either.
> Pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Pat
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