I am experiencing a problem displaying pages from our Website on Windows 
XP computers running Symantec's Norton Internet Security 2007 (NIS 
2007.)  Frequently, I will get a "Connection Reset" message in Firefox 2 
and "Page cannot be displayed" message in Internet Explorer 7 when I am 
browsing our Website.

I have tried other Websites and it seems that the problem only occurs 
with our Website, http://www.go2marine.com

Our Web server is running RedHat Enterprise 3. We are running Resin pro 
3.0.23 with Apache 2.0.46 front end.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with Resin or Apache & Resin 
and NIS 2007?  If so, please share how you fixed it or what the cause of 
the problem might be.


Keith Fetterman                          206-780-5670
Mariner Supply, Inc.                     [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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