Hi Dixon,

Thanks for the mail.

> Your /etc/hosts contains the line box right? So you should have 
> some host set up named box in your   /usr/local/hosts/box/... like this 
> right?

No, I don't have such a file as /usr/local/hosts/box - in fact there is no such 
directory as /usr/local/hosts. So I can't use the setup you mailed me, but 
thanks anyway. In fact /usr/local/hosts is not present on my main Ubuntu 
system, either. I'm not using Apache, either - this is for a cut-down system 
(hence the use of Damn Small Linux) and Resin would be acting as the web server 
as well as the app server.

I think the real problem is that Resin uses InetAddress.getLocalHost() to find 
the local machine's IP address, which does not work if the hostname is not 
resolvable either via DNS or the /etc/hosts file. With JDK1.4, there is an 
alternative with the NetworkInterface class, which allows all network 
interfaces and their IP addresses to be enumerated. Calling 
address.isSiteLocalAddress() yields true for the local address, even when it's 
from a DHCP server and not resolvable using DNS or /etc/hosts.


Vinay Sajip

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