In 3.0.x, the server mbean has a clearCache() and a clearCacheByPattern(host,
url) method in com.caucho.server.resin.mbean.ServletServerMBean.  The name
of the mbean should be resin:type=Server,name=default


On 5/31/07, Bernard Bernstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

We are using the Resin proxy cache by setting Expire headers on some
files (jsp files that generate css and some javascript).
Occasionally, we want to get a new version of these files loaded, but
we don't want to set a short expiration time for the occasional
change in something.

For example.

We might have a .jsp file that is the stylesheet, where we can set
the font size through some frontend setting. We want that page to be
cached most of the time, but when someone changes that font, we don't
want them to need to wait for an hour for the cached version to
expire before everyone sees the new font size. We also don't want the
overhead of executing the jsp for every pageview.

The jsp file itself isn't changing, so resin wouldn't necessarily
know that the page has expired. So, is there any way we can
programmatically clear that page cache, or all cached pages for that

Looking through archives I see discussion of adding:


to a webapp setup, but that doesn't seem to work anymore now that
we're starting to use 3.1 (I haven't tested on 3.0 which we are using
in production).

I've also tried calling
com.caucho.server.resin.ServletServer.clearCache() and doesn't seem
to compile.

I'm using jconsole to look at the jmx-accessible beans, but I don't
see anything there that can help with this either.

What is the modern way to clear the cache during runtime? I'm having
some trouble finding an answer, so I thought I'd ask here.



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