Hi all,

I've been trying to suss out a problem we're sessing with our idle sessions
timing out after 1-2 minutes of being idle regardless of any
<session-timeout> settings being defined.

I'm seeing this under 3.0.14, 3.0.23 and 3.1.1.

The web app's web.xml (expanded war) has:


inside the <web-app> element but sessions don't seem to last anywhere near
28800 minutes.

I've seen lots of posts in the archives regarding session timeouts and after
increasing the logging in my resin I see the following:

[14:39:46.308] create session abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr
[14:39:46.308] create session abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr
14:39:46,309 INFO  [SessionListener] New Session created on Fri Jun 08
14:39:46 NZST 2007 with id: abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr from uri /bw/index.htm for
14:39:46,309 INFO  [SessionListener] There are now 1 live sessions in the
[14:41:28.653] invalidate session abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr
[14:41:28.653] java.lang.Exception
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.server.session.SessionImpl.invalidate(
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.server.session.SessionManager.handleAlarm(
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.util.Alarm.handleAlarm(Alarm.java:351)
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.util.Alarm.run(Alarm.java:321)
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool$Item.runTasks(ThreadPool.java
[14:41:28.653]  at com.caucho.util.ThreadPool$Item.run(ThreadPool.java:522)
[14:41:28.653]  at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:619)
[14:41:28.657] remove session abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr
14:41:28,657 INFO  [SessionListener] Session destroyed - id
abc2pDXqqc4Rqe6z6mjmr.  There are now 0 live sessions in the application.

This shows resin creating the session (logging twice for some reason), then
my session listener logging the creation, followed by 2 minutes then an
exception during session invalidation.

Theres nothing in my resin.conf overriding the <session-timeout> value, I
ever went to the paranoid level of removing anything mentioning timeout
(keepalives etc.).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could look at?

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