Hi there,

I was checking one of my web applications to see if I there was anything 
wrong with the framework we use, as I had fixed a small issue that could 
help with memory usage and I have found out some "symptoms" that I think 
might be related to Resin and/or the libraries, so I wanted to check 
with you guys if know what could be the issue here.

I'm using Resin 3.1.1 under Java 6 and the profiler is YourKit Java 
Profiler 6.0.15.

.- I start the application, access one page to verify it is fully loaded 
and then take a snapshot.
.- I modify web.xml so the context is restarted, access the same page 
again, try to force garbage collection and wait until memory usage is 
stable, then take a second snapshot.
.- Repeat the same step.

After that, comparing the snapshots and looking at the new objects 
created, I get that each time the context is restarted, the new object 
that "consumes" more memory is com.caucho.loader.EnvironmentClassLoader.
In fact, upon the initial load I have 5 instances of that class, after 
the first restart I have 6, after the second restart I have 7 instances...

The extra instances seem to be related to HSQLDB, Quartz, Apache log and 
some java.security classes, but I'm not sure yet who is guilty of 
keeping the whole set alive, or if that's normal.

Something similar happens with com.caucho.xml.Xml: I start with 2 
instances, one referenced from a class of mine and another from 
java.lang.ThreadLocal. After a restart I get 2 instances referenced from 
java.lang.ThreadLocal. Another restart and I have 3 referenced from 
java.lang.ThreadLocal... In this case, the problem seems to be a growing 
number of instances from org.apache.xml.utils.XMLReaderManager... that 
are themselves related to the aforementioned 

So my question would be if anybody has run into similar issues or has 
any idea what could be causing the proliferation of 
com.caucho.loader.EnvironmentClassLoader instances. I suspect it might 
be that some library is keeping a reference to the classloader through 
some daemon thread that is not being properly initialised when the 
context is restarted.

Any hints on how to further debug this issue? Any similar experience?

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