I love caucho products and all the work Scott has done (he's the fing man) but if it were me, I wouldn't use Quercus in production unless I was 100% sure my application ran 100% correctly on it.

That said, most php applications will run *great*, especially if you hand built them. When you introduce a framework, you now must check to be sure that framework runs correctly as well.

In getting familiar with webapps 'the java way' realize that as of today there is of course more than one way. But start with the fundamentals:

- understand jsp and servlets
-- plenty of material online (google: core servlets), but I recommend the Head First book
-- read Sun's servlet spec
- understand MVC aka 'model 2 mvc'
- understand struts 1
-- see the online book 'struts survival guide'
- experiment w/ Resin to learn about db connection pooling and other cool features

In other words, learn to build a standard Java webapp. Then learn how to use Quercus. Many in the java camp would cringe at the notion of using php for anything other than the view. In addition, the Java community has gone waaay past manual database interactions like the usual php mysql and pdo functions. So you will at some point want to look at ORM layers like Hibernate et al, unless you really love sql and string concatenation.

As for c and fun, I still have my hair and I like to keep it that way, but you might be a far better programmer than me.

Viel gluck,

On Jun 11, 2007, at 8:54 AM, Nathan Nobbe wrote:


bleeding edge is cool w/ me as im a gentoo user;
the only thing i worry about going w/ quercus really, is having a product that may be difficult to support. my opinion of the php community is that good developers, in particular those w/ oo skillsets are difficult, if not almost impossible to come by, so quercus could add yet another layer of complexity and make it
almost really impossible; i dont know though, just speculation.
as i mentioned im working w/ sqlite3 atm via pdo, but i intend to port the same db abstraction to the other pdo drivers like i said. i am comfortable using quercus in an enterprise environment for my large traffic sites, and sticking w/ mod-php for my embedded products, but another thing i worry about is going under the hood. one of the reasons quercus is attractive to me is that im much more proficient in java than c. although i can write in both i do struggle a bit w/ c. so anyway if i do write some extensions to the php language itself, i would much prefer to do it on the quercus platform, but if the code for my embedded products is to stay similar to that of the enterprise products i will certainly have to write similar stuff in c anyway, should be fun i guess, right? at my last job we had some hard-core java guys come in and i learned a lot; we were using tomcat, which i understand may not be the greatest app server, but anyway code was being deployed as war files so i have just a very crude
familiarity w/ web apps, 'the java way'.
im reading tons of material atm, but i am interested in getting started in quercus. if it isnt too much trouble, is there a primer on web apps the java way online that you feel is worth mention to a beginner like me?

thanks for your reply.


On 6/11/07, Yong Bakos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi Nathan, some information is here:


Some info about PDO here


but understand that Quercus is bleeding edge stuff, and the best
thing to do is experiment. You will also want to educate yourself on
Web applications done 'the java way,' and how Resin, and servlet
containers in general, work.


On Jun 10, 2007, at 12:46 PM, Nathan Nobbe wrote:
oh, right, i just remembered another critical thing;
the SPL.


On 6/10/07, Nathan Nobbe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
hello all,

i am interested in quercus and intend to begin experimenting with it.
just getting started, im curious if there is a list of extensions
that are known to be supported at this time.
all the extensions are listed in the php online manual, so i wonder
if theres a document that just lists
all of them and the support status under quercus.
also, i am very curious about pdo and xsl / xml.   pdo was introduced
in php5, and there are separate drivers for each database;
currently i work with sqlite3 ( corresponding pdo driver api), and in
the future will be running mysql and possibly oracle as well.
also, php5 unveiled a new xml infrastructure built on libxml2.  it
seems obvious that quercus is going to implement xml
support through some java libs, instead, but i wonder about the
simplexml and dom extensions; these are built into php5
using the new libxml2 framework; so are these extensions available in
quercus via an identical interface?
there are also a number of xsl and xslt functions.

all of these things are critical to my current system architecture
and for a viable transition to quercus all of them would need to be
available.  a reference doc would be a great starting point for me,
if its out there..



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