i like what yong has to say on this one.  i just got a new job a couple of
months back and was shocked to find
the company still deep into php4 w/ no strategy to move to 5.
although 6 doesnt have a clear deadline, i would assume it is only a matter
of time. and i would not like to be
in the position of migrating directly from 4 to 6; i dont know maybe it wont
be so bad compared to migration to 5,
but i just dont like to be behind.
just my 2 c :>


On 6/12/07, Yong Bakos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hey Fred, is the site very big or complex? I recommend moving to PHP5
whenever doing so causes too much bloodshed.

Quercus is based on PHP5 with an eye on PHP6.

Good luck,

On Jun 12, 2007, at 1:24 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:


I have a site using PHP4 that I would like to run under Resin,
because I also have J2EE applications already running under Resin
and would like to keep it all under one roof.

I tried using Quercus but have run into problems. AFAICT, Quercus
supports PHP5 and that may be causing the errors. To confirm this, I
tried the site under Apache + PHP4 (works), and Apache + PHP5

So PHP5 seems to be causing the errors. Is there any way that I can
run this PHP4 site under Resin? If this is not possible using
Quercus, is there another option? Would using net.php.servlet and
phpsrvlt.jar work under Resin? Has anyone tried this option, is it

Thanks in advance, your advice would be greatly appreciated.



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