PHP4 is well supported/understood and is relatively easy to scale

i agree w/ you on the understanding part, but its the scalability part that
isnt so easy.
most people think to just throw hardware at the problem, but what they dont
realize is php,
being a scripting language has some memory management issues unless a cache
is implemented.
so the database will get nailed hard w/o a cache and then naive people think
the database is lagging, when really
the code is rebuilding variables in isolated threads on every single page
aside from that, there are plenty of ways to scale php, sure; like using
soap or some such, to implement a multi-tier solution.
to communicate w/ different layers that sit on completely different servers,
perhaps each layer could even be load balanced;
and in that case, a cache could still be avoided.
but the main thing that kills me about php4 is the weak object model.  im an
oo advocate; and i cant stand all the hackers who think
they know how to program writing really poorly written apps for me to come
an loathe over.  im not suggesting anyone on this
mailing list is such, but what i am trying to express is, in my experience,
php programmers dont know general programming concepts
like people from other camps; c++, java, .net ...  even other scripting
languages like python for instance; if i were going to write in python
the code would be oo.


On 6/13/07, David Campbell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Nathan Nobbe wrote:
> Fred,
> i like what yong has to say on this one.  i just got a new job a couple
> months back and was shocked to find
> the company still deep into php4 w/ no strategy to move to 5.

PHP4 is well supported/understood and is relatively easy to scale.

I must confess I still don't understand why anyone would use anything
other than MOD_PHP for PHP?


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