Hi Scott,

> What is the specific problem you're seeing?  It might be a Quercus bug.
> PHP 5 should only be an extention of PHP 4, so all PHP 4 applications  
> should work fine.  It might be a bug in Quercus.

Thanks for your response. I'm not familiar with PHP, so at this
point unfortunately I cannot give you a specific technical example
of an error - at least not one that would help you diagnose the
problem. My description would be too high-level, such as "when I
press this button, it doesn't work."

It could be a problem with the PHP code itself. Perhaps just a few
tweaks would make it work properly with Quercus.

Basically we're using Resin for our Java web applications, and
trying to add a PHP application, developed entirely by a third party,
without changing or adding servers.

I wish I knew enough about PHP to be able to determine if the
problem can or cannot easily be solved. The provider's developers are
using another server, and so are quick to blame Resin/Quercus for the
bugs. I'm not sure that they're willing to put in some effort to fix
the problems. Rather, they're pushing us to use the same server as

On the other hand, I look at your list of rather complex applications
that run under Quercus without problems (phpMyAdmin, phpBB, etc.) and
think that this application should be able to work properly under
Quercus. Again, how can I determine this without knowing much PHP.

If I am able to produce a very specific bug in the application and
narrow down the source php file that causes the error, I'll post it
here and hopefully you can determine if it's a Quercus bug or not.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
Thanks very much for your help.


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