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> Thanks for your response. I'm not familiar with PHP, so at this
> point unfortunately I cannot give you a specific technical example
> of an error - at least not one that would help you diagnose the
> problem. My description would be too high-level, such as "when I
> press this button, it doesn't work."
> On the other hand, I look at your list of rather complex applications
> that run under Quercus without problems (phpMyAdmin, phpBB, etc.) and
> think that this application should be able to work properly under
> Quercus. Again, how can I determine this without knowing much PHP.

Ok.  There's a decent chance it's a Quercus bug, then.

Our main development goals for Quercus for the rest of the year are  
working towards getting 100 PHP applications running on Quercus and  
closing bugs as they're reported.

Because PHP isn't a specification-based language, and because the  
libraries are extensive and sometimes strange, the only way to really  
ensure that Quercus is correct is to get lots of existing  
applications running correctly.

We're still at the stage where many/most new applications we try  
uncovers some library bug or language quirk that Quercus doesn't have  
working exactly like PHP.

-- Scott

> If I am able to produce a very specific bug in the application and
> narrow down the source php file that causes the error, I'll post it
> here and hopefully you can determine if it's a Quercus bug or not.
> If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
> Thanks very much for your help.
> Fred
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