Resin 3.1.1 pro, developing under XP/Linux for production.
I use jfreechart to create jpg graphs. My jsp correctly updates the 
graph on disk each time its loaded, which happens via a POST with 
params. I guarantee the jpg is always updated because I'm monitoring it 
separately from the local drive. The problem is resin caches it so it 
doesn't always update on the page. I have seen the web.xml's 
<cache-mapping url-pattern="*.jpg" expires="1s"/>  which looks useful, 
especially as I can name these "chart*.jpg" and leave the rest of the 
site jpgs cached. This had no effect though. I also tried  <meta 
http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache" /> in the jsp header with no effect.

This must have been nailed by now as I'm sure I heard of it years ago on 
the mail list. Anyone help please? Thanks.

-- John


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