I am trying to round trip an xml document that contains some UTF-8 symbols.

The doc is constructed on the client (displays correctly).

It is then posted to the server.

Server writes the data to a file under ROOT (data is correct)

Server also writes data back to client as the response.

Client displays response (data is corrupted - its still a valid xml but the
symbols are no longer correct)

Client directly requests the file copy of the data from the server (data
display correctly) 

Server side this is being processed by a servlet, and I have included the
following line at the start of doPost():
    //Set the Output Stream to XML
    res.setContentType("application/xml; charset=UTF-8");
    //set input stream to UTF8

I have also added <character-encoding>UTF-8</character-encoding> to
web-app-default configuration file.

I am using the latest stable release of Resin(dl yesterday), standalone,
running on my local PC under WinXP.

I assume the problem has to do with encoding but does anyone know how to
resolve this problem?


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