You can also use JSSE for SSL with the GPL version of Resin, although 
this obviously won't perform as well as the OpenSSL version. There have 
been a number of mailings on that in this list, and I believe people 
have said that they thought it performed well enough for many uses.

For Resin 3.0.x:

For Resin 3.1.x:

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Gregory Stewart wrote:
> Why don't you just ask Caucho for an eval license for Pro version?
> Greg
> On 6/27/07, *Karthik Gajjala* < [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:
>     We are currently evaluating Resin and TomCat in our company which is
>     currently using Weblogic
>     as application server. I am trying to setup the SSL support in Resin
>     and found that it is available
>     in only professional version (error message on the screen when
>     starting Resin).
>     Is there a way to use SSL with the free version of Resin. Does
>     anyone have any benchmarks
>     and results to compare TomCat Vs Resin? I am planning to do my own
>     on my application.
>     I would be glad to share them with all.
>     Regards,
>     *****Karthik Gajjala*
>     Director of Engineering
>     Vendio Inc.

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