Hi everyone,

I am watching Quercus a few months now und and in comparison to other 
I realised that some tools are still missing to offer Quercus to a 
broader audience.

At the moment, PHP based frameworks (mostly MVC) are spreading all over 
the place
and all of them are developed in PHP itself, which may lead to some 

 - Each framework has its own opinion about implementing certain things 
like sessions, db-abstraction and so on
 - Since those frameworks are developed in PHP "natively" they often 
have some performance issues
 - They are not bound to any standardisation definitions like the JSR

So my idea for my final thesis to come would be to implement an MVC 
framework written in Java and
serving Quercus to be usable from within a PHP script.

My question is now, would be such an MVC framwork as extension to 
Quercus reasonable?

I'd say yes, since it is not certain that all PHP based MVC frameworks 
work with Quercus out of the box.

I'd like to hear your oppinion about that and thank for your patience.


Markus Bopp

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