I found the following problems when compiling mod_caucho, not sure if this 
is resin/apr/fedora's problem, here are my get arounds

In resin 3.0.23, the script cannot recognize apache2, edit 
plugins=common apache2   resin_os
In FC7, apr library is placed in '/usr/include/apr-1'. Edit 
'/usr/local/share/resin/modules/c/src/apache2/Makefile' to tell gcc where 
the library is 
INCLUDES = $(APACHE_INC) -DRESIN_HOME=\"$(resin_home)\" -I../common 

off64_t is not defined in '/usr/include/sys/types.h' if USE_LARGEFILE64 is 
not defined. 
#if defined __USE_LARGEFILE64 && !defined __off64_t_defined
typedef __off64_t off64_t;
# define __off64_t_defined
Remove the 'if' and 'endif' 
typedef __off64_t off64_t;
# define __off64_t_defined

That's it. 'make' and 'make install' should work now and mod_caucho.so 
should be in '/usr/lib/httpd/modules' 
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