Resin isn't really smart enough to make up random binary content, so I 
would try to identify what that binary content and then hope to locate a 
source of it (a file, a servlet, whatever).

Are you using filters by any chance?  This is a leap, but it seems like 
this is a servlet spec interpretation/implementation difference (or an 
implementation of something not clear in the spec).  The most common 
thing I've seen with Resin and Tomcat is how filters are handled.

But I would try to identify what that binary content is... maybe it's an 
ad from a hacked program for all we know... but I think identifying that 
will give clues as to what could be inserting it.

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Samuel Le Berrigaud wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is the problem we're facing:
> - Do a simple GET request to the server, the page we request is a
> 'normal' html page containing images, js, css, etc...
> - From time to time the response to the HTTP request comes back as
> binary data where we expect a document for which the content type is
> text/html.
> We tried the same webapp with the exact same configuration on a Tomcat
> server and couldn't reproduce the problem. We haven't seen it on the
> many other application servers our application runs on either.
> However several customers reported the issue when using Resin 3.0.x.
> We therefore assume the issue comes from Resin. We tested a range of
> Resin versions from 3.0.15 to 3.0.23.
> Attached is an example of a file we get back as binary content. It
> indeed contains binary data as well as the expected html…
> Another thing  is that we have the 'keep-alive' attribute set on our
> requests and first wondered if it could have been the problem. Turning
> it off didn't solve the problem though.
> Any help would be appreciated. We understand that the information on
> this issue is a bit sparse but we couldn't think of anything else.
> Looking at the HTTP headers didn't help. Hopefully someone will have
> encountered this before and will be able to advise us on what is going
> on.
> Thanks,

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