I am running a cluster of Resin servers on 3.1.1.  I have two servers in
my app-tier cluster, app-a and app-b.  When I access the following JMX



using jconsole, the "Servers" attribute has an array of ObjectNames of
length 1.  It only contains app-b.


However, both of the following objects are directly available in JMX:




and when I hit /caucho-status they are both up.


so why does the app-tier cluster report only a single server?  I am
connected to the JMX server on app-a.  does it not include itself in the
Servers attribute, or is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?  I
assume it's not an order of operations thing, ie: I bring app-a up, then
app-b.  when I then access app-a via JMX, that cluster mxbean should be
updated, right?




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