I just fixed my problem, maybe this will help you out.  It turns out 
that to do this kind of sharing with JMX, you need to use the platform 
MBean server, not the environment MBean server.  Do so like this:

MBeanServer server = ManagementFactory.getPlatformMBeanServer();

This worked for me on Resin 3.1.2.

Hope that helps,

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Greetings list,

I was looking through the mail archives when I came across this 
message.  I'm considering upgrading to the latest version of Resin, but 
this would stop me as I have an MBean that several webapps access to 
track statistics.  The first webapp that starts and finds it's not there 
creates and adds the MBean.  Can anyone comment on this? Is there a 
workaround or a better way of sharing MBeans?


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