> Aaron Freeman wrote:
> > I see from your link that Sun uses an int, but couldn't 
> that be arbitrary?  
> I can't speak to whether the expert committee's decision was 
> arbitrary or not.  :)  But once they've made a decision, it 
> is a rule that must be implemented.


> > I don't believe Jakarta, and other implementations have 
> this limit -- 
> > I just looked and they are using a long.  This is a 
> seriously limiting 
> > factor and may require us to swap out our underlying servers from 
> > Resin (which I really, really don't want to do).
> Where are you seeing this?  Jakarta used to have Tomcat, 
> which I assume is what you're referring to, but every 
> reference I can find in Tomcat 6.x (BaseRequest, Request, 
> RequestFascade, ApplicationHttpRequest,
> DummyRequest) returns int for getContentLength().  If someone 
> has figured a way around the spec limitation, that's great 
> news!  Maybe newer versions of Java had changed this, but I 
> didn't think you could alter method signatures.

Actually I mispoke, its "struts" not "jakarta".  I am confused with their
organization of all the pieces.  At any rate here is the thread where they
discuss the problem and resolution:


Aaron Freeman

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