> > I see from your link that Sun uses an int, but couldn't that be 
> > arbitrary?
> >
> > I don't believe Jakarta, and other implementations have this limit
> > -- I just
> > looked and they are using a long.  This is a seriously 
> limiting factor 
> > and may require us to swap out our underlying servers from Resin 
> > (which I really, really don't want to do).
> The HttpServletRequest.getContentLength() will still return 
> int, but Resin will be able to use a long value internally (in 3.1.3).

Ok so this problem will "just go away" with version 3.1.3 or it will require
some special calls somewhere?

> However, you could also use chunked-encoding for your uploads 
> (assuming you have control over your client). That would 
> avoid the 32- bit issue entirely.

Let me check with the developer of the client and see what this entails.


Aaron Freeman

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