Michael L. Davis wrote:
> The 'write-chunk(16284)' looks like it is trying to do something - but 
> FireBug and that website that sends HEAD instead of GET both report 53K. 
> If someone can convince me that FireBug is just plain wrong  (tho it 
> correctly reports on Windows XP) ...

I've never seen a case where FireBug reported incorrect headers (and I 
can't imagine where it would get them) but you can use a packet capture 
and analysis tool, which also works across all browsers, if you want to 
be sure.

> OK. Maybe FireBug et. al. ARE wrong. I opened a fresh FireFox window 
> over dialup and it took 27 seconds (a page refresh then took 2 seconds) 
> , 1/3 the time that the websiteoptimization.com site said it should and 
> 1/2 the time a back-of-the-envelope calculation indicated. And given 
> that the JS is most of the bytes going over the line, I now think that 
> it IS being compressed but incorrectly reported on.

Dial-up modems transparently compress the data stream so you can't make 
those assumptions.


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