First thing I did was to clean up all the deployment directory, making  
sure the WEB-INF/sessions directory was removed, and session lifetime  
is 30min, so they shouldn't have survived all the weekend in any case  

I tried with Resin 3.1.2, just in case, and the result was the same. I  
downloaded Resin source and built the resin.jar from scratch adding  
some debugging info and I ended up at the readObject() call. So it  
seems for some weird reason that de-serialising that object inside a  
Session fails. However, I tested the serialise/de-serialise process  
using the same JVM on the class giving the errors and I had no problem  
doing it. Weird.

Is the srun.db file in some kind of format one can easily grasp? I  
might try to deserialise an instance of such a file to see what's  
going on. At least I should be able to determine if the problem  
happens when writing or when reading the object.


S'està citant Scott Ferguson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On Sep 3, 2007, at 1:46 AM, Daniel López wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have some objects in a library that I'm using that are usually
>> stored
>> in the session. Up to now, everything worked fine but recently I
>> decided
>> to do some refactoring to update the version to Java 5 and I
>> "basically"
>> changed a member from being a Hashtable to being a Map (HashMap as
>> implementation).
> Is it possible that the old persistent data is still based on the pre-
> refactoring information, e.g. if you had a very long session live time?
> -- Scott

S'està citant Jay Ballinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Are you trying to use session objects that are from the past? If these
> objects were serialized before your change, they will probably be
> incompatible with your new change. You'll need to clean house of the
> serialized artifacts first.
> + jay


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