> Thanks Jason. I'm now trying this with Resin 3.1.2. However, it's taking a
> painfully long time to start up - of the order of one
> hour, where Resin2x and Resin 3.1.1 take 1-2 minutes to startup with the app
> deployed. Is this related to the new startup listen()
> change in resin 3.1.2? I'm using the default resin.conf file.

There should not be such a difference in startup between those two
versions.  Actually, I think there was some work done to make the
startup of 3.1.2 a bit faster.

Obtaining a thread dump from the process while it is doing whatever it
is doing during startup that is taking so long would be helpful.
Sometimes it's beneficial to get 2 thread dumps, a few seconds or a
minute apart.

Some documentation about thread dumps:

You can also use the startup logging to get a general idea of what is
taking so long.

-- Sam

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