We currently have Resin Pro 3.0.21 running on Windows 2003 Server and  
are considering upgrading to 64-bit. When we try this configuration  
on a test machine, we get a Resin message saying, "Socket JNI library  
is not available", which means that we don't have the 64-bit DLL's  
for resin.

There are instructions on how to compile Resin in 64-bit for *nix,  
but nothing for windows. Are those available for Resin Pro 3.0.21? If  
so, how can I get them? Or can we build them ourselves?

I saw a couple references in google to bugs.caucho.com, but that's  
currently down. The cached page says it's fixed in 3.1.1. Does that  
mean in order to get 64-bit support for Windows, we must upgrade to  
Resin 3.1.1?


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