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> http://hessian.caucho.com/ria - Outstanding! I will be using this
> right away, I was looking for an open source binary protocol for
> as3, and have used hessian in the past, no more need for Data
> Service product and the loads of jars it comes w/.

> Question: is there a way to do a push to flex and leverage this?
> Ex:  Flex pings server to open a connection/socket(ex: w/ Mina/Nio
> help), and now I keep a list of them, so that I can
> "push/invoke/send" a message from Resin server to a specific flex
> client. So an invoke not from Flex to Resin(which was the example)
> but a message from Resin to Flex?
> Suggestions?

Hmm... this is an interesting issue.  In the Hessian 2.0 protocol, we
have support for streaming calls which might be appropriate in this
situation.  On the other hand, I'm not sure that we actually have a
programming model to support that on the server side yet.  (I'll have
to check that.)  It probably would not be a servlet... maybe an EJB
or something.  In other words, the server side would be just as much
of an issue in the push problem as the client side.

Do you know of any examples already in Flex that do push?  Does Flex
Data Services do that?  If so, what is their API for it?


P.S. I cc'd this to hessian-interest.

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