But I think it is a Resin thing because Tomcat always reload the whole 
context,and it's something like WEB containers transform and compile the jsp 
into java servlet,and reload it without reloading the context. 
So what I really want is find a way to avoid resin to reload the context,it's 
take long time to wait the context to reload espcially when using hibernate and 
Of course,I don't think every class can reload without context reloading,it 
must something like jsp servlet.
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that’s not a Resin thing.  that has to do with the java debugger’s ability to 
reload classes.  you are right about the fact that it can only reload classes 
where method bodies have changed, not method or class structure.


I don’t know what documentation is available, but if it exists you will find it 
on Sun’s java site, http://java.sun.com <http://java.sun.com/> 





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I have just tried resin 3.2.10 and find a very interesting thing.

WhenI modify the java source code, resin will compile it and reload it 

and sometimes it reloads the web context and sometims not(not reloading the 
context will speed up the development).

I just find one rule to avoid reloading context.It's keeping the class 
structure and only changing the method content.

So are there any documents for this issue?



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