I've updated the Comet API to make it more like the Servlet API and  
to avoid dependencies on Resin details.  Details are at


The example has been updated at


The main changes are
   1. the package (com.caucho.servlet.comet to match javax.servlet),
   2. CometController is now an interface
   3. CometServlet is now an interface
   4. GenericCometServlet replaces the older class
   5. Added CometFilter and CometFilterChain

You might also want to look at the new streaming capabilities of  
Hessian as an example protocol for use with comet: http://caucho.com/ 

The Comet API now looks like:

public interface CometController {
   boolean wake();

   Object getAttribute(String name);
   void setAttribute(String name, Object value);

   void close();

public interface CometServlet extends Servlet {
   boolean service(ServletRequest requet, ServletResponse response,
                                CometController controller);

   boolean resume(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
                               CometController controller);

public interface CometFilter extends Filter {
   boolean doResume(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
       CometFilterChain next);

public interface CometFilterChain extends FilterChain {
   boolean doResume(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response);

-- Scott

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