> Serge Kystautas wrote:
>I've seen something like this, and we were able to diagnose it on a Unix 
>environment by using a program called truss 
>(http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/cgi-bin/mansec?1+truss) which allows you to 
>watch every file that is getting read.  I don't know of a Windows 
>equivalent.  Most Java profilers I know of do not help you find IO 
>related issues very well, so you might want to look for a lower level OS 
>tool to see what's changing.

Actually, truss comes with "Interix".  On Vista (certain editions only, 
like Ultimate, have this), use Program Manager, "Turn Windows features on 
or off", and enable "Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications" for Interix 
6.2. On pre-Vista Windows, go here for the free download of Interix 3.5:


It also has sendmail.  I've been meaning to work up some how-to's but 
haven't figured out a couple of the finer points yet, Interix has gcc 3.3 
and NetBSD's pkgsrc system has been ported to it, so you can build lots of 
gnu tools that don't come with Interix.  If you have Server 2003 you need 
to do some more digging for the proper download.


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