I am having an issue with dynamic virtual hosts in resin 3.1.3. When i add a
directory to the hosts directory (i.e. hosts/ it does not
recognize the new host. No log directory, webaps directory, or ROOT
directory is created. I tried accessing the domain from my browser thinking
maybe a request would trigger virtual host to be recognized. Nothing works
until I restart the resin daemon. At that point it will create the logs
directory only and not the webapps directory and consecutive ROOT directory.
Has anyone else run into this issue?

Some notes on my setup:
Fedora Release 7
Java 1.6.0_03
Resin 3.1.3

I am running resin as a daemon under a system account of "resin". I have set
the GUID to be sticky on all files created under the hosts directory and all
files are being created with resin as the group. Additionally, I set my
umask to allow group write access when the host file is created.

Any help would be appreciated,
Brandon Goodin
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