Here's the document and the workaround that Confluence has been using  
for quite some time:

Some of the configuration issues were likely due to the strictness of  
Resin's validation.  The interesting one that I'm referring to is the  
workaround for filter mappings as described in the doc where the  


needed to be added to get things to work under Resin 3 whereas Tomcat  
or others didn't seem to have this issue. I'm wondering what the  
reason for this is and whether the servlet spec was simply up for  
interpretation on that as was suggested by someone.

>> I'm wondering what Caucho's take on this is?  It seems like this is
>> causing quite a lot of grief, and apparently there seems to be some
>> problem with handling large image uploads as per the JIRA issue:
> I've filed this as  I'm a
> little confused by the discussion.  Does Coherence have a keepalive
> option?  It shouldn't.

Confluence doesn't, but I believe they are referring to the keepalive  
option in resin that may cause this issue.


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