Hi, I am in between switching from version 2.1.12 to Resin to 3.1.3, and
there is one difference that causes us problems. If we encode a URL
using java.net.URLEncoder, on Resin 2 it doesn't automatically decode
it, and we have to call the URLDecoder. However it seems on Resin 3, it
automatically decodes it. So if I double-decode it, then the parameter
is corrupted. I'm just calling request.getParameter() to do this.

Is there a way to control this on Resin3, to avoid stuff like:

if (resin2) {
   String param = URLDecoder.decode(request.getParameter("blah"));
} else {
   String param = request.getParameter("blah");

Reminds my of ifdefs on C ;)


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