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> Here's the thing.  Grails' web.xml has filter mappings for the url- 
> pattern of "/*".  One of the filters, the UrlMapper, will actually  
> process the URL and then dispatch the request to the proper  
> controller and action to process the request.
> However, there is no servlet mapping that is mapped to pass all "/"  
> requests to resin for processing.  Thus, mod_caucho simply assumes  
> that requests should not be passed to resin for processing.
> To get this working, I actually added a "SetHandler caucho-request"  
> to my .htaccess file under the webapp directory.  Now, the requests  
> are passed over to resin for processing.

You can also do this using the plugin_match servlet in your web.xml,
something like:

<servlet-mapping url-pattern='/controller/*' servlet-name='plugin_match'/>

Documentation is here:

under "special servlet-mappings"

-- Sam

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