And to add to this, I noticed that in my cluster setup, both
valueUnbound and sessionDestroyed get called when i shutdown the Resin
node that the session is currently on. I don't think this is
appropriate since the user's session will continue fine on the other
Resin node. I have a problem here, because I need to release some
resources when user session REALLY ends, not when one of the nodes

Is there any work-around for this weird Resin behavior?? How can I
listen to the session FINALLY ending in a cluster??



2007/10/31, Kai Virkki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi!
> I noticed that the issue with unBound being called is fixed from 3.1.2 -> 
> 3.1.3.
> 0001820: valueBound isn't called on load from persistent store anymore
> but valueUnbound still is called on save
> We have the same problem on 3.0.23. Could it be fixed to the
> production branch too?
> best regards,
> Kai

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