Hi Scott,

still have some questions :-)

> > 3. What happens if I call CometController.wake() while another  
> > thread is executing on a CometServlet with the same CometController  
> > instance? Will resume() be called once again after the resume/ 
> > service currently executing returned true?
> Yes.  The second wake() is queued.  I'll need to check to see if we  
> have a test case for that.

And if two or more wake()-s were queued before the service()/resume() 
will resume() be invoked once or as many times as wake()-s were queued? 

In other words should we attempt to minimize the number of redundant calls to 
or would it be optimally handled by Resin?


Another question: is there a "no timeout due to idleness" value to 

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