It looks like a bug in Quercus when urlencode is given an empty $_REQUEST
variable, I changed to code in Phorum to guard the call to urlencode() to
this (lines 192-196 of include/admin/users.php):

  192           if ($_REQUEST["search"]) {
$url_safe_search=urlencode($_REQUEST["search"]); }
  193           if($_REQUEST["posts"]) {
$url_safe_search.="&posts=".urlencode($_REQUEST["posts"]); }
  194           if ($_REQUEST["posts_op"]) {
$url_safe_search.="&posts_op=".urlencode($_REQUEST["posts_op"]); }
  195           if ($_REQUEST["lastactive"]) {
$url_safe_search.="&lastactive=".urlencode($_REQUEST["lastactive"]); }
  196           if ($_REQUEST["lastactive_op"]) {
$url_safe_search.="&lastactive_op=".urlencode($_REQUEST["lastactive_op"]); }

That gets past the null pointer exception in Quercus and Phorum's User admin
page loads.

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